Responsible manufacturing

We like to exceed expectations. When it comes to air emissions, effluent quality, noise, fiber utilization, waste reduction, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, we work hard to continually improve our performance and go beyond legislative demands.

Our commitment to responsible manufacturing shines through in these key areas:

  • Striving to continually improve environmental performance by maintaining forward-looking objectives and targets, while operating our facilities in line with applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • Promptly addressing all environmental incidents in order to mitigate any impacts, and ensuring preventive measures are implemented;
  • Maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with ISO-14001, in order to ensure we manage our operations following internationally recognized best management practices.

Ontario Regulation 455/09 Reports

TRA Public Report (2014) - Tembec Kapuskasing (PDF 188 KB)
TRA Public Report (2014) - Tembec Chapleau (PDF 106 KB)
TRA Public Report (2014) - Tembec Cochrane (PDF 97 KB)
TRA Public Report (2014) - Tembec Hearst (PDF 96 KB)
TSRP Public Report (2013) - Tembec Chapleau (PDF 382 KB)
TSRP Public Report (2013) - Tembec Cochrane (PDF 334 KB)
TSRP Public Report (2013) - Tembec Hearst (PDF 315 KB)
TSRP Public Report (2013) - Tembec Kapuskasing (PDF 468 KB)

Health and safety achievements


Tembec’s product portfolio stretches from commodities to specialties: