Environmental policy

Tembec’s corporate vision is to be an industry leader in value creation by being the best steward of resources: human, capital and forest.

Tembec shares with the community important responsibilities towards the environment in which we live and work. The Corporation supports the responsible stewardship of resources, including forest, fish and aquatic habitat, wildlife, air, land and water. Responsible stewardship, combined with a continual improvement process, makes possible sustained economic development and an improved quality of life. In this spirit, Tembec commits to implementing and maintaining an effective environmental management program that will govern its attitude and action in environmental matters and will benefit the environment, the community, the shareholders, employees and customers.

Tembec demonstrates environmental leadership through its commitment to:

  1. Conduct its business in a responsible manner designed to protect the environment and to protect the health and safety of its employees, its customers and the public.
  2. Assess, plan, construct and operate its manufacturing facilities and forestry operations in compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations and applicable codes of practice or programs to which the Corporation subscribes.
  3. Set environmental objectives and targets to continually improve environmental performance and provide the management commitment and resources necessary to achieve stated objectives.
  4. Promote employee awareness and training in their environmental responsibilities and foster employee participation in environmental management.
  5. Encourage and support research to improve its ability to protect the environment and maintain public health and safety and strive for the virtual elimination of any persistent toxic emissions from its operations.
  6. Manage and protect its forest resources to ensure sustainable forest management consistent with all applicable regulations. Beyond, or in the absence of regulatory requirements, strive to maintain biodiversity, protect wildlife habitat and ecosystems.
  7. Promote new technologies aimed at conserving, recycling and renewing the resources utilized.
  8. Work and consult with governments and the public in the development of regulations and policies based on sound, socially acceptable, and economically achievable technologies and the analysis of environmental and health impacts.
  9. Implement programs and procedures to prevent emergency events and minimize the consequences by ensuring effective preparedness and response.
  10. Report regularly to the Board of Directors on its environmental status and perform audits to ensure conformance with its policies and guidelines.
  11. Conduct forest management activities in a responsible manner by recognizing the values of Aboriginal groups and stakeholders.

Straight talk

We address widespread perceptions and misperceptions about the forest products industry and Tembec: