Corporate governance

The Board of Directors and management of the Company consider good corporate governance to be central to the effective operation and success of the Company. In order to ensure proper and current corporate governance practices, the Board of Directors and management regularly compare the Company’s practices and procedures with the guidelines set out in National Instrument 58-201 – Corporate Governance Guidelines, the proposals of various other regulatory authorities, as well as the practices adopted by its peers. To this end, a Mandate and Charters for the Board of Directors and each of its Committees have been written. A Code of Ethics and Business Conduct has also been established.

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Shareholder / Investor Communication

The Board of Directors considers and reviews the means by which shareholders can communicate with the Company, including the opportunity to do so at the Annual Meeting and through the Company's website, as well as the adequacy of resources available within the Company to respond to shareholders through the office of the Secretary or otherwise.