Partnerships with First Nations and Métis communities

As part of sustainable forest management and corporate social responsibility, Tembec understands its operations in Canada take place on territories on which First Nation and Métis communities assert rights and interests.

We establish, build and maintain long-term relationships

Based on the importance of stewardship, access and use of these lands by both the company and Aboriginal People, Tembec supports the development of long-term relationships that are beneficial to Aboriginal communities, the company and the public. Through joint engagement, Tembec and communities discuss the specific social, environmental and economic interests of each community on whose traditional territory the company operates. A strong foundation for mutually beneficial relationships involves a good understanding of the community’s historical and contemporary stewardship of forest lands and a shared knowledge of special sites requiring protection during forestry operations. Where desired and depending on the interests of the parties, engagement is formalized through the signing of protocols, relationship agreements and business contracts.

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